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About independence day of india:15th august 2019


History of independence day of india

Your most welcome on this page. On this article has been told about indian independence day. In this independence day article, we are providing independence day essay for your independence day essay competition. You can also get some ideas for your independence day speech.

Independence day of india celebration :15th august 2019


About indian independence day information

15th August 1947 day ,which was a very historic day for every Indian. All Indian always remember this day because the day is very important and memorable also. The day is called Independence Day of India which is celebrating throughout the country religiously by every Indian on 15th August every year. The day is also a symbol of the rise of a new India and the world’s largest democracy was born.

Why do we celebrate independence day in india

15th August 1997 is the day when country of great culture and civilization, India got independence from the British colonial rule after Long year of slavery, so that India could able to breathe in the air of independence. So 15th August is the day of independence day celebration.

India was a country that was once a world leader And taught the lessons of non-violence And he had to be a victim of cruelty., yet this country could be kept slaves for many years. I do not know how it was possible that the country which lead the path of the whole world was slave for many years. however it happened, but happened.

Information about independence day

Let us now try to know about indian independence , how easy and how hard was this freedom.The story of freedom of India can not be summed up in a few words and can not be said but Yet, we will make every effort to say briefly the tales of India’s freedom. This was the time when the people of India were screaming for the brutal and exploiting policies of the British.Due to exploitation policies, the British lost the faith of the people of India. from everywhere only the demand of full Swaraj was started, and this demand had taken a very formidable form. Although from very early it had been trying to liberate India from the British but  in the Twentieth century, the effort became even more intense. Indians forced the British to leave India by many ways. Some people used violence way, then some people tried to disperse them from India through non-violence way.

Using the word easy for the independence of India will be a great injustice, because getting this freedom was not easy but it was very hard even impossible. Today we are breathing in the open air of independence , freedom did not get so easily, but many people had sacrificed their many things to achieve it.Do not know how many great people, political leader and  freedom fighters went to jail for this country and also sacrificed their lives Without worrying about their comfort, family and future.

15th august 1947 day celebration

On 15th August 1947 at the Red Fort of Delhi , jawaharlal Nehru who was First Prime Minister of India, hoisted the national flag of india which is known as tricolour (saffron white and green)  and from that day every year, the flag is flagged on the Red Fort of New Delhi by India’s Prime Minister.


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